The comeback

Has it really been 18 months since the last post? How many times have I promised I wouldn’t give up? How many times have I wrote that I would write frequently? Yes, just like you I’ve lost count. And yet, once again, here I am but this time I won’t give you or myself false hopes. I will write as often as I want and can! So let me just be honest and upfront so no one gets hurt, including me!

So many things have happened in the past 18 months. I wouldn’t even be able to start writing all of it! I don’t even know if I want to write about it… maybe not and that’s why I stayed away from here for the last 18 months. Maybe nothing was that exciting or maybe I just didn’t bother to write. I think it’s the last option, to be honest. But oh well, what’s important is that I am back! Maybe for a while, maybe for a long time… Who knows? I should, since it’s my blog but let’s just wait and see shall we?

Today I thought about my blog and I decided it was time to log in again. I even had to reset my password! I read my previous posts, I selected a new theme for the site and now I am inspired! Going through my old posts I’ve noticed how many times I wrote that “I couldn’t imagine myself leaving Ireland”, that “Ireland is home”, that “maybe the day to leave this country will never come”… So guess what? The day came, I left Ireland and it was not as hard as I’ve ever imagined! Yes, Ireland is still home and honestly, it will always be. If I was certain about this then I am even more certain about it now!

Where am I now you ask? I am in this tiny little island in the middle of the mediterranean called Malta! Never in a million years I’d imagine that I would be living here. But here I am, for the past 6 months and I love to be living under the sun once again! This is the beauty of life I guess, the wonderful twists and unpredictable, unplanned and unimaginable things that sometimes just happen like that!

All started in August 2016 when my boyfriend one day told me “I am going to Malta in 2 weeks for a job interview”! Just like that. Very casual. I didn’t know he was having conversations with a company in Malta but I always knew he wanted to live abroad for a while and that he was opened for new opportunities. Part of me was “shouldn’t we discuss this before you go?” and the other part of me was thinking that a change would be great!

You all know how much I love Ireland etc etc etc but honestly, after 9 and half years I have to say, the bad weather finally got under my skin! I couldn’t believe that I was in favour of leaving but the truth is that the change came in the right time! Things happened quite fast actually. In a time frame period of about 3 weeks I had to get used to the idea that we could leave Ireland, had the confirmation that we would be leaving Ireland, had to break the news to family and friends, had to handle my notice at work and organize the moving. The moving was the hardest! My God, the amount of crap we accumulate throughout the years! Having to get rid of a 9 years life is not easy, but luckily I am a person who is very disattached to material things. 70% of the clothes and shoes in my wardrobe went to charity, 95% of the furniture in my house went to friends (90% of them to a particular one!) and anything else that didn’t make the cut to come to Malta went to the dumpster. I arrived in Ireland in 2007 with one big suitcase only. Now I left Ireland with one big suitcase (actually, the same one from 2007), two medium size suitcase, one cabin suitcase and a dog!

Kaboosh and I left Ireland on October 28, 2016 at 6am. We took a Lufthansa flight, with connection in Frankfurt, and at around 5pm we landed in Malta! G was already here waiting for us in our new 2 bedroom penthouse in Hamrun! Yes, we could afford a penthouse but not because G is swimming in money. The cost of living in Malta is actually cheap! I say penthouse, which sounds so fancy but believe me, it wasn’t really. I have also said Hamrun and unless you have live in Malta you don’t really know what this mean so hold in there… I will write a post about it one day.

From October 29 (my birthday!) all I had to do was to settle down and get to know the place! Since for the first time in my life I had the privilege to be unemployed without having to worry about paying the bills, I took full advantage of it! Kaboosh and I used to spend the whole days together, just walking and exploring new places. We would sit by the sea and contemplate the sun, the warmth and the beautiful surrounding. Life was running on a slow pace and I was soaking up all the joy this new lifestyle was providing me! I can write about the time I lived the life in another post. I actually have a lot to write about Malta and what this place has given me so far!

For now, just be sure that I am fine and that this is my comeback! I will see you soon!


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