Good things come to the ones who think through

Remember when I told you I had decided to quit my job and take a break? I can’t believe it has been 3 months already! I have to say, that was the best thing I have ever done for myself! Waking up every day without the noise of an alarm and having no plans for the day was truly precious!

During this break I got a lot of laundry and house cleaning done, went to the gym, met a dear friend many afternoons for coffee, read books, went for endless walks on the beach and the park with Kaboosh and had my sisters over for a week. Yes, I could have done so much more with my time but I did what I felt like and I enjoyed my break, a lot! It was really necessary for my  mind and soul and yes, I could do this for longer but everything, eventually, comes to an end. After 3 adorable unemployed months it’s time to go back to work! After all, bills need to be paid and (unfortunately) I am no millionaire (yet!).

When I decided to quit my previous job I had a plan. A very simple one. Quit, live your life, be happy and you’ll find the right job in the right time! I had money for bills for around 3 to 4 months and a lot of confidence in myself that I would get a job! I know that most of the time things don’t go according to the plan but this time, it did! Not just went according to the plan but it turned out to be more than I expected! I truly believe that what is meant to be, will be. As grandma always says, “what’s supposed to be yours nobody will take it from you”… wise words!

A friend called me at the beginning of October telling me a position opened up in his team and that I’d be perfect for it. Honestly, the job really interested me but it didn’t come up in the best time. A lot of things were happening and the future was a bit unsure for me but I decided to go for it, even though I knew I could have to withdraw my application any time.

I had one and then two interviews and confidence was building up on me. I got more and more interested in the job and the thought of having to let this go in case the other things going on would work out scared me! But I carried on with the plan B (or A, not sure) and by the time I went on site for my final interview I was very certain that the job was mine! I say that because I felt good about the answers I gave and was (surprising) not nervous or anxious. If I didn’t get the job after all, it’s because I was just not the kind of person they were looking for. I could not blame my performance.

I left the company’s building and told myself “you’ve got this!”. I received a phone call few days afterwards with a positive feedback and was told I’d actually have another, and final, interview – just when I thought it was over already. At that point, the other things going on in my life didn’t go through so this job turned out to be my plan A again.

I had the final interview with the hiring manager (over Skype) and that was it. Nothing else to do but wait to see if I’d be the chosen one. A week past and I didn’t hear anything from them. Then another week arrived and still no words from them… I confess that at that point I had to accept that the job was not mine, even though I was so certain it was, and move on! I was applying for any job I’d see and desperation started to kick in! I couldn’t believe the plan would not work out! I mean, I was in my third unemployed month and by now I should have something secured. That was the plan!

I applied for 12 different jobs and only got 3 interviews out of it. One I actually had to decline since the job was in Tallaght and I mean, it would probably take me 2 hours to commute, both ways. The second one it took me a week and half to get a confirmation from the recruiter (she was all over the place and very unprofessional) and the third one I had to record videos and answer unusual questions first. It took me 4 hours to go through the first step of the hiring process!

So far I had silence from the company I completed the whole interview process, application rejection emails coming in, new not-very-suitable-jobs-for-me-but-that-will-do becoming available, money in my saving account running low and desperation levels about to hit the red bar!

Just when I was about to truly convince myself that my plan did not work, I received an email from the company that was giving me silence! And that was on a Friday 13th so no bad luck bullshit anymore! The email wasn’t really saying “congratulations the job is yours” but it said “we will have news for you on Monday”. Monday arrived and tah-dah! I got the call with great news. The job was mine! I knew my gut was telling me the truth since the begging and I knew my plan would work out!

Another few days for work references and background check and I got the official job offer. I sat on it for 30 minutes, just so I could analyze the whole package, and happily accepted it! That is it, I can relax now. I got a new job and everything worked out perfectly fine! Good things really come to the ones who think things through!

I am happy that I kept true to myself and got the courage to quit a job I was unhappy with without having anything else next. I am happy I followed my instincts and did what was right for me. I am happy for knowing that I can count on myself and that I am able to go through uncertain times with confidence and a positive attitude. Remember: everything will always turn out alright!

For now I am enjoying my last lazy days to stay in bed till late, read my book in Starbucks, spend the day with Kaboosh, watch crap day-time TV (I will miss you Judge Judy!) and just enjoy the leisure. On Monday everything will be different and excited! I really miss having a job that excites me, that motivates me, that is fun, that makes me jump out of bed with a smile in my face. I know this new job will tick all the boxes (and a lot more) and for that, I cannot wait!

Bring it on Facebook. I am ready!





2 thoughts on “Good things come to the ones who think through”

  1. congratulations on the new job Sury, I hope it brings you new and exciting challenges to fill your day with. You are wise to conside the commute, it used to take me 2 hours each way to get to Ballymount, but I’ve changed my hours 10-6 and the difference is unbelievable, 50 minutes each way. It eats into your precious you time which isn’t good.

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