You are not good enough

Everybody has the right to have a roof above their head. Some people have a better one than others and some people don’t have any! Well, I was in a hunt for a new place to call home since G and I were forced to move out from the lovely nest we’ve lived for the past 2 years. I say forced because our agency decided to increase the rent by 200 euro a month! I don’t know about you, but I have principles and that includes not accepting this bullshit!

Suddenly because my best friend… or should I say obssesion? At first I was checking once a day, taking my time and without noticing my life became this app! We had a little bit more of a month to look at places, plenty of time you’d think, right? I thought so too until I went to the field!

Oh dear, I wasn’t prepared for the tough rental market out there! You go for a viewing with another 20 people behind, beside and in front of you! What happened to private viewings? No one cares anymore! It’s all about bringing as many people interested in the property as possible so they can all kill each other in order to secure the place! You can see the letting agent laughing in the corner, enjoying the war and thinking about the commission!

We had a look at 10 different apartments – 10! We liked many of them and of course, filled in the application. I thought since we both work for good companies and have good salaries we would have this in the bag… I had no idea how wrong I was! Having good references, a stable job and good salary is just not good enough! At some point, you are asked to send an email about yourself and when you realize, you are actually writing a pitch! That’s right. You need to prove that you are a good person, that you can pay the rent, the deposit, 12 months of rent in advance that you can pay more than what they are asking for and anything else you can promise! At some point I was willing to give a sample of my blood too! Just in case you know?

You view the place, you like it, you show your interest, you oversell yourself and then let the judgment game begin! Your faith is in a letting agency’s hand! I would love to know how they chose a tenant. What are the criteria? How good do you need to be? What do you need to have? Well, I can tell you for sure that what you don’t need to have is a dog! Don’t even get me started about the whole dog drama.

Yes, we have a small adorable dog and in some cases, we did have to mention him. You meet the landlord and everything is going great, you are getting along, everybody is laughing, you feel that you’ve got this… until you have to drop the D word! The laugh turns into a serious face and the head starts to nod non stop while you try to, as well, oversell the dog! The moment the word d.o.g is heard the game is over – check mate! Nobody gives you or the dog credit! Nobody wants to know what you have to say about this lovely little creature, which by the way, is the most adorable and behaved dog out there!

With dog or no dog, you are consistently judged and the truth is that you’re just never good enough! After apartment number 9 I was starting to lose hope of living in a nice/decent place. I could picture ourselves living in a shithole with blue carpet, red curtains and green sofa…Yes, those apartments exist and are available in Dublin!

Lucky us, apartment number 10 was the one! I called the agency after the viewing to say we were interested and once the lady behind the phone got to know where we work she says “well, the fact that you both work for very good companies help you a lot”. My thoughts exactly lady, a pity all the others didn’t think the same! And just like that, one week before eviction, we secured this lovely new apartment! Now I know how the other people felt… the ones that got the apartments I liked but I wasn’t picked!

Sadly, some of my war colleagues will have to move into one of the many cold and old apartments with decor from 1920… Oh well, when in a war you fight and only the strong ones leave the field victorious! I guess that one was me.


2 thoughts on “You are not good enough”

  1. “The Joys” of being living in Dublin 😉
    Up here…I found my place in 1 week 😀 I still miss living in Dublin though.
    PS. the d.o.g. “is the most adorable and behaved dog out there!” I AGREE a 100% !!!

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