Toilet paper freak

Yes, we all have habits. Some of our habits can be annoying to other people but for us, they are not just habits, they are just common sense! As everybody else, I have many habits and also get annoyed by many things, but I do have to confess that most of my habits involve the bathroom.

To name a few? The toothpaste has to be pulled by the top and not by the bottom or even worse, by the middle! The toilet mat has to be stretched – something that most men do not get. Do not get out of the shower while you are still soaked, wetting all the floor and the toilet mat (that is perfectly stretched)! I have to say that the last one annoys me a lot and I still manage to give out to my boyfriend (that masters the wetting the floor habit) even when we are staying in hotels! I know…

But if you think that this is too much, well, let me tell you that my biggest bathroom habit is actually the orientation of the toilet paper. There are two possible ways: the toilet paper coming from the top or from the bottom. Actually, let me rephrase it, there is only one right way and this is the toilet paper coming from the top!

Toilet paper orientation

Whenever I go to a bathroom and the toilet paper comes from the bottom I have a mini heart attack and I change it to the right way! Yes, if you are the kind of person that puts your toilet paper in the wrong position and you invite me over, I will change the orientation of the toilet paper of your own bathroom!

I really don’t know why I am like this but this is just something I can’t cope with! Well, maybe I do know the answer for this habit and I do have to blame (thank) my mom! One day, my mom, my two sisters and I were talking about this topic and to our surprise, my sisters and I have this habit. With no hesitation my mom says: “Of course you all have this habit. You have it because I have it too. You all grew up in a house where the toilet paper could not be in the wrong direction!”. Makes sense now.

You might think that this is topic is insignificant or that I just have OCD but try to search for “toilet paper up or down” in the Internet and be my guest! You may want to use Yahoo! for your search though! (You are welcome G).

You may be surprised with the articles you will find. I even found a Wikipedia page named: Toilet paper orientation. According to Wikipedia, “in surveys of American consumers and of bath and kitchen specialists, 60–70% of respondents prefer the toilet paper over”. You see? I’m not crazy! Or maybe 60 to 70% of people in America are as crazy as me. Good to know that I’m not alone in this, anyway.

But let’s all just reflect about it. The toilet paper coming from the top is not just easier to fold it but it’s also more hygienic. Why? Because by doing this the toilet paper won’t fall and touch the floor, which most likely will happen if you put the toilet paper in the wrong way!

Think about hotels for a second. They all, with no exception, have the toilet paper coming from the top. They even fold the top of it in a shape of an arrow…. Before you ask, no, I don’t go this far. But what I mean with this? That this is not just a habit, toilet papers were meant to come from the top and not from the bottom! I believe the only people who care about this enough have the toilet paper in the right direction, while the people that haven’t even thought about it have it in the wrong way. So if some of you are thinking “I’ve never paid attention to this”, I bet that you have your toilet paper coming from the bottom!

Some people don’t like to use shoes in the house, some people like to clean the kitchen as they cook, some people throw the cutlery in the same drawer without separating them. Me? I like to have toilet papers coming from the top! So, if you ever invite me to your house and offer me a drink, please, make sure that the toilet paper is in the right direction otherwise, our friendship might be in jeopardy.


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