You’ve got mail from the dead

A long time ago I came across a social network called Tombster. Today, for some reason, this came my way, once again. First time I saw their website and watched their promotional video I was actually in disbelieve! It could only be a very bad joke, nothing else.

For you those of you that don’t know what Tombster is, it’s a social network that allows terminally ill people to leave letters, pictures and videos to the loved ones, once they are gone. Have you watched the movie “PS I love you”? Well, this social network proposes exactly what Gerry (Gerard Butler’s character) did after passing away. He sent few letters to his beloved wife during a year!

I know that we all watched the movie and cried thinking how sweet and romantic that was. Great fictional story but bringing this idea to life is nothing but funeral! Luckily, I haven’t experienced this but it must be hard enough to live with the terminally ill person you love very much knowing that soon, she/he will leave this life and won’t be with you anymore. If dealing with this rollercoaster of emotions is not painful enough you still need to try to replicate this person’s presence after they die during important dates such as birthdays, graduations etc?

This is just mean and it doesn’t help anyone to move on! Of course we all miss our loved ones who passed away very much in special occasions and we all try to think how it would be if they could be there with you to hold your hand, give you a hug, nod their heads or just smile at you. Would give you any consolation if you receive a letter from the dead? Would that make your day any easier to deal with? Would you like to be constantly “on call”, waiting for the next letter, picture or video to arrive?

And if you were the terminally ill person, would you rather spend your last few days or months planning your legacy or spending time with the people you love? Maybe it’s just me but the whole idea of this business makes me very angry. I wonder who came up with this and actually thought that this was a great idea or the future of social networks!

Is there really a good reason to hang on to the past and change the meaning of death? Do we really need to be so sensationalist about everything? Is it really right to make money out of this funeral idea? Will anyone get something positive out of this?

When did the world change? Sometimes I think about the world we live in today and I get scared! I get scared because things seem to be a little bit out of control and I get even more scared to think about what’s about to come in few years! I feel like we are losing our values, morals, rules, sensibility… humanity.

The only assurance we have in life is that one day, we are all going to die. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end, and so do us. The beginning is when you are born, the middle is everything you do in between and the end is when you leave this life. Your life ends the moment you die and after that, people live your legacy through what you did, what you were and what you taught the ones who crossed your life.

I’m sorry Tombster, but life ends with your spirit leaving your body and not with a letter in your inbox!


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