Everything is different the second time around

I haven’t updated my blog in a few days, I know and I’m sorry about that! The truth is, I didn’t know what to write about. I promised myself that this blog would never be a diary. It is not about me and my every day routine but it’s about my thoughts, what’s inside of my stupid head! Have said that, I do need to write/share about what happened to me last Friday.

During school years, I was always the one hanging out with the boys and siting at the end of the room! I only paid attention to the subjects I was interested in (such as Biology, English, Geography) and for those classes, I used to sit at the first row. One day, when I was about 17 I looked at the black board (when sitting at the back of the room) and I noticed that my sight was not right! The words were blurry and I had to move to the first row in order to see better.

Since then, my sight got worse and worse and after going to the eye doctor they gave me the great news that I had myopia and had to use glasses in order to see things better! As a person who had to wear braces from the age of 11 to 16, you can imagine how happy I was for once again, having something on my face! Well, in fairness, I didn’t have to wear braces and glasses at the same time! That would have been way worse!

I always hated to wear eye glasses! Hated that I could see the glasses’ frame when seeing things! I was only introduced to the contact lenses world when I was 20 years old! It was life changing! It was the fake feeling of being “normal” again, of knowing that I could see things without that stupid frame on my face.

Even though contact lenses are great, it’s still a hassle! Only those who wear them know the feeling. You have to put them in every morning and take them out every night. It’s a constant care and sometimes, a waste of your time! My contact lenses used to always give me a hard time in the morning, always when I was already late!

I remember when I’ve heard about eye laser surgery for the very first time! Even though it sounded very scary (and expensive) the idea of seeing things without requiring glasses or contact lenses fascinated me. That became my new year resolution, every year, for the past 14 years. I didn’t know when I’d have the money to do it but luckily, the laser got cheaper and way more affordable.

When I left my last job in June, I sold my stock options and the first thing I did was to schedule and appointment with the eye clinic. You can’t understand how happy I was when they told me that I was “a perfect candidate for the eye laser surgery”. I left the clinic with my appointment scheduled – August 2.

Last Friday, my life changed for good and forever! I can’t even describe the feeling of opening your eyes in the morning and see things the way God intended you to see them! Everything looks so sharp, so clear. Colors are also so vivid, so vibrant…. Everything is up on my face now! I feel like I was born again.

You may think it’s silly but only who has sight problems can understand me. I now pay attention to small details (that I couldn’t see it before), I don’t feel “lost” when I’m indoors because I can see it far away clear! The simple amazing thing of watching TV comfortably in bed knowing that I can also fall asleep at any time. No need to get up and remove the contact lenses or remove the glasses. Watching TV and actually seeing what’s written in the program guide. Seeing the bus coming over and being able to recognize the bus number from far away. Silly things that before were a pain in the ass for me and now, are as simple as they are for you!

I can definitely scrap this from my new year resolution list! I have now new pair of eyes and do believe that everything is really different the second time around!


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