Life is about choices

How often do you think about your life? I do it a lot! As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now. I catch myself analizing my life and the people around me when I least expect… Well, that’s not true, I often think about my life when I have some spare time. What are the best location/situations to do this? On the bus, on the train, on the plane, at night when I’m trying to sleep, when I’m at the park looking at the horizon or when something makes me happy!

I feel lucky for having the life that I chose to have! That’s right, the reason why things happen is because you want them to happen! It’s also true that people cross your way,for no reason, but it’s up to you to make that person part of your life or not. Have you ever counted the amount of people that you met in life? How many of them you cared about? How many of them you shared your secrets with, your dreams, your plans… your life?

Now, the most scary question is, how many of them are still in your life? So many people come and go and we don’t know the reason why… Well, I believe that the reason why they came into our lives in the first place is because we let them in. At that time they were offering you something that you didn’t have, something that you din’t know. The reason why they left? Because you also let them go!

I like to think that everything and everyone has a mission in life! Once this mission is accomplished, it’s time to move on. That’s why you need to live it up, have fun, take the best thing out of everything and know when the expiring date has arrived!

Everybody that crosses your way and the people you share your life with are part of who you become. No matter if the experience is good or bad. Again, it’s always your decision to let people in and out! Life is made out of decision and you are the only person that should be in control!

For me? I decided to be happy! As simple as that. I decided to love and be loved. I decided to have friends who I can count on. I decided to have someone I can be myself with. If anything goes away from what I decided, then I have to understand and accept that was probably the other person’s decision to let me go!

Life is a two way street! It took me a long time to understand this… Sometimes you are so focused on yourself that you forget about the other people involved. They also have choices and they also decide it for themselves. I like to fight for things I believe in and things that make me happy. I like to keep the people I love very close to me but I also know that life is about acceptance.

To the people who were part of my life one day, thank you so much! To the people who are my life right now, let’s keeping doing what we are doing! The mission is not accomplished just yet!


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