Finding the old me

I always loved to write! I knew I’d like to study Journalism since I was very young. In Brazil, you kinda have to choose what you want to be when you grow up very early! It’s weird and wrong (in my opinion) but this is how it is! It’s like you can’t scape! At the age of 17 you need to have in mind what you want to do for “the rest of your life”.

For me, this choice was easy. I loved to write, I loved (the idea) of traveling, I never shut up and I always had an opinion about anything and everything! What else could I have chosen? Journalism was the right and perfect choice!

It’s funny how, somehow, life has different plans and turns. I also knew that I always wanted to master a foreigner language (English in particular) and I always had the dream of living abroad! Never thought that one day, this dreams would become true!

I did study Journalism for 4 years and tried to be one but it didn’t work out! At least not the way I had in mind. Instead of keep trying, I decided to leave everything behind and follow the other dream I had. The one I just mentioned – living abroad and master a foreigner language.

I was as big as my imagination… I planned for 1 year and left Brazil to go to Ireland! A lot of shit happened but here I am! 6 years later I can say for sure, that I still live the dream! Well, I don’t think I master a foreigner language yet (I’m always learning) but look at me now! I’m actually writing my first blog in English! I know that it has some mistakes so I appreciate your patience! But regardless, I’m very proud of myself!

I’ve tried to write a blog so many times… always in Portuguese though… It worked well for few months but then, I gave up! I don’t know why… Somehow the inspiration was gone. I’ve been thinking lately and asking myself: “Why did you stop writing?”. I don’t know the answer…

As I said, I always loved to write! Since very young, I always had a notebook and a pen with me so I could write my thoughts, my fears, my confessions. It really helped me to know myself and made me who I am. I like to express my feelings, I like to share my thoughts… I have to let my thoughts free!

When I’m writing is when I feel free and happy! I really missed this feeling and for this reason, here I am! Trying to write a blog again! I swear I will keep my promise… this time I won’t give up! Please help me!

I should warn you that somethings, you won’t see the point of my posts but I still appreciate your visit. As the Blog’s name suggests, you will read a lot of silly stuff! Welcome to inside of my tinny little head… It will be fun!


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